Annual Report 2018

Year In Review


It's a typical weekday at HSP: the reading room is full of visitors young and old, traveling from blocks away and across state lines, poring over historical materials that will contribute to a book manuscript or satisfy a curious mind. Upstairs, visiting guests from a local university squint to decipher centuries-old handwriting, and mention that seeing these personal notes up close makes them feel they really know the writer. Behind the scenes, a conservator carefully opens a dusty, disintegrating envelope, rediscovering a delicately hand-drawn image likely not seen in decades.

These are just a few instances that come to mind here at HSP when we say that history is “alive.” Every day we witness the power of historical letters, diaries, maps, and manuscripts connecting with and speaking to new generations. We believe history is more relevant now than ever, and that the collections we hold within our walls will continue to provide meaning and inspiration for years to come.

We've been pleased to spend the past year exploring new ways to inspire our community through history.

Read on for just a few highlights, and Make History Yours!

Early 20th century photo of city hall
Visitors looking at documents on display

By The Numbers


June 30, 2018 and 2017

Assets 2018 2017
Cash $52,591 $88,273
Contributuions receivable $182,425 $228,229
Prepaid expenses and other $90,003 $72,463
Investments $11,698,320 $11,679,419
Property and equipment, net $7,798,506 $8,514,902
Beneficial interest in perpetual trusts $8,794,000 $8,531,000
Collections $1,107,575 $1,107,575
Total Assets $29,723,420 $30,221,861
Liabilities 2018 2017
Line of Credit $750,000 -
Accounts payable and accrued expenses $264,986 $309,381
Total liabilities $1,014,986 $309,381
Net Assets 2018 2017
Undesignated $4,809,887 $6,616,486
Board designated $65,395 $67,217
Total undesignated $4,875,282 $6,683,703
Temporarily restricted $8,961,622 $8,620,247
Permanently restricted $14,871,530 $14,608,530
Total net assets $28,708,434 $29,912,480
Total liabilities and net assets $29,723,420 $30,221,861


Tour group listening to a tour leader

Audience Embedded

For the better part of a year, a group of educators, community activists, clergy, students, and genealogists have immersed themselves in Philadelphia's Puerto Rican cultural history as participants in a new collaborative program called “Audience Embedded,” supported by the Pew Center for Arts & Heritage. Drawing from the archival collections of HSP and Taller Puertorriqueño, the participants will use the common themes and questions that arise from their experiences to develop original public history programming in a format of their choosing–it's history “for the people, by the people.”

Volunteer showing a document under glass to visitors in the archives

Cheers to Our Volunteers

Our volunteers work side by side with our staff day in and day out, and we wouldn't have it any other way! Visitors to our second floor can find the Chapmans scanning family history material, five days a week, as part of their service for FamilySearch. Our school groups are guided by the wisdom and enthusiasm of Mel Garrison, Kerry Bryan, and many others. From public service to the archives, our volunteers make an impact and help move us forward. We celebrated their dedication and accomplishments with a behind-the-scenes tour at our annual volunteer and intern recognition reception, shown here.

Two young women reviewing archive documents

History Makers Camp

In between beach trips and summer reading lists, a group of Philadelphia-area high school students spent two weeks in July researching Philadelphia's history in HSP's archives. Under the guidance of HSP's education manager Kimberly McCleary, the students explored Philadelphia monuments and historic sites, gained insights from educators and civic leaders, and worked with historical documents to create a mobile-friendly walking tour exploring the African-American struggle for freedom and equality in Philadelphia.

Man walking by colorful row houses

Research By Mail

Among the nearly 3,000 research requests we processed last year, one in particular stands out. Sue and Ken Frank, Friends of HSP, contacted us to seek out the story of their friend's historic home as a special and unconventional birthday present. Thanks to a seemingly endless source of archival material at his fingertips, researcher Joaquin Moreland-Sender was able to trace the house back to its original owner, a man who had been enslaved in Delaware, escaped to Philadelphia, and eventually gained freedom and became an educator. With the Franks' encouragement, the project grew into a 70-page booklet, reflecting dozens of hours of research and encompassing centuries of the neighborhood's history.

Fellows chatting at a social gathering

Focus on Fellows

Last year we welcomed 33 fellows to research a diverse array of topics, from autopsies in the 17th century to community policing in the 21st. Rene Silva, researching exiled Loyalists, “unearthed a bonanza of primary sources” at HSP, while Natalia Doan was excited to access works that “have never before been used in the study of US-Japan relations.” Fellows take advantage of HSP's bustling environment to make connections: according to Jamie Brummitt, the monthly coffee break in the lobby is “one of the best ways to meet staff and other researchers, and to learn about their interests.”

Five teenage girls wearing medals at the National Constitutional Center

National History Day

Throughout the school year thousands of middle and high school students turn historical research into creative projects as part of National History Day, a year-long educational program that culminates in a national contest every June. Serving as host for the kick-off event in the fall, HSP welcomed local educators to discover resources available in our own collections and chat with representatives from more than twenty neighboring archives. Last year, 363 Philadelphia students and 24 teachers participated in the local contest, with 14 advancing to the national competition–more than ever before!

Centuries-old books in the archives
Mid-20th century photo of women carrying a boat out of the Philadelphia Girls Rowing Club

Progress on the Plan

Now in its second year, HSP's strategic plan continues to realize positive results. The plan was built on three pillars: The Library of American Experience, The Balch Institute for the Study of American Identities, and The Center for Public History and Education.

HSP's premier program, Becoming U.S., continued the conversation on American Identities in association with the Balch collection. The Center for Public History and Education numbers reached exciting heights, with more than 6,000 student participants engaging in workshops, classroom outreach programs, after-school mentorship, National History Day, and History Makers Camp.

Last year also advanced the conversation regarding HSP's future, entertaining opportunities to collaborate and affiliate with other institutions to bolster the use of HSP's collections and engage broader audiences.

In the coming year HSP will continue to work on elevating scholarship through the fellows program, increasing student programming and the number of participants reached, and developing a formal center for the Balch Institute of the Study of American Identities to further realize the vision set forth in the strategic plan.


Thank You

Institutional Partners

Abington Junior High School History Club
Abraham Lincoln Foundation of the Union League
Alta Management, LLC
Army Heritage Center Foundation
BDB Company
Beneficial Foundation
Blank Rome LLP
Canon Solutions America, Inc.
Civil War Museum of Philadelphia
Connelly Foundation
Customized Energy Solutions, Ltd.
Dilworth Paxson LLP
Drexel Morgan & Co
Drexel University
Elliott-Lewis Corporation
Elsevier Foundation
Enterprise Holdings Foundation
Free Library of Philadelphia
GE Foundation
George C. & Esther Ann McFarland Foundation
Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation
Independence National Historical Park
Indian Rights Association
Institute of Museum & Library Services
Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies
Key Elements Group LLC
Leroy E. Kean Family Foundation
Mandell Foundation
Marcum Foundation, Inc
National Endowment for the Humanities
Omohundro Institute of Early American History & Culture
Pennsylvania Abolition Society Endowment Fund of The Philadelphia Foundation
Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission
Pepper Hamilton LLP
Pew Center for Arts & Heritage
Philadelphia Cultural Fund
Right Angle Club of Philadelphia
Roman Catholic High School
Southwest Air
Strata Company
Studio Institute
The Haverford Trust Company
The Library Company of Philadelphia
The McCausland Foundation
The National Constitution Center
The Philadelphia Foundation
The Plastic Club
The Quaker City Foundation
The Robert Cushman Woods Van Nostrand Memorial Fund
The Walter J. Miller Trust
Utah Valley University



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  • Ms. Debra Magrath
  • Mr. Allen Male
  • Mrs. Bette J. Male and Mr. Allen Male
  • Ms. Joanne Malene
  • Mr. Seymour Mandell
  • Mr. Howard Maniloff
  • Ms. Katherine Manker
  • Mr. Jerry E. March
  • Ms. Beth Marcin
  • Mr. Norman S. Marcus
  • Ms Harriet Margolis
  • Diane and Bill Marimow
  • Margaret Mary Markmann,Ph.D.
  • Dr. William J. Markmann
  • Ms. Ginny Martin
  • Charles E. and Mary MacGregor Mather
  • Mr. and Mrs. Victor C. Mather II
  • Mr. James Matlack and Mrs. Susan Pierce
  • Mrs. Suzanne C. Matson
  • Mr. Arthur J. Matthews
  • Ms. Roberta Maurer
  • David W. Maxey
  • Mr. Charles A. Maxfield
  • Mr. David May
  • Mr. Paddy May
  • Dr. Holly A. Mayer
  • Ms. Marilyn K. Maynard
  • Ms. Susan McAlister
  • Mrs. Susan McAninley
  • Ms. Caitlan McCafferty
  • Ms. Katherine W. McCain
  • Mr. Theodore H. McCalla
  • Mr. and Mrs. Matthew McCann
  • Ms. Myrtrice P. McCaskill
  • Hugh J. McCauley, Architect
  • Mrs. Katharine Vaux McCauley
  • Mr. and Mrs. Peter McCausland
  • Mr. Darwin McClary
  • Ms. Gail R. McCormick
  • Mr. Michael McCormick
  • Mr. and Ms. Michael G. McCormick
  • Ms. Terrilyn McCormick
  • Mr. Thomas McCormick
  • Ms. Michelle McDonald
  • Mr. Kevin Mcfadden
  • Ms. Mary R. McGettigan
  • Dagmar E. McGill
  • William G. McGovern
  • Ms. Mary Ann McGowan
  • Mr. Tim McGrath
  • Mr. David L. McGuckin
  • Mr. Andrew McIlvaine
  • Ms. Anita M. McKelvey
  • Mr. Christopher McKenna
  • Ms. Barbara McKinley
  • Ms. Maggie McKinley
  • Ms. Elaine McKinnon
  • Mr. John M. McLarnon
  • Ms. Margaret McLouglin
  • Ms. Joan McMaster
  • Mr. Michael McMillen
  • Mr. and Mrs. Collin F. McNeil
  • Ms. Sandy McShea
  • Mr. and Mrs. John F. Mears III
  • Mrs. and Mr. Rebecca Mears
  • Ms. Lynne Medley
  • Ms. Donna J. Meidt
  • Mr. Christopher Mejia-Smith
  • Mr. Dennis Meldrum
  • Mr. and Mrs. James Merrell
  • Mr. Frank L. Mertens
  • Mr. Robert Mervine
  • Mr. Peter Messer and Dr. Judith Ridner
  • Mr. Craig Metz
  • Ms. MaryLu Metz
  • Christopher J. Michael
  • Ms. Mary J. Michael
  • Ms. Joan P. Michaelree
  • Ellen G. Miles
  • Mr. Carl F. Miller
  • Ms. Elizabeth Miller
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Miller, Jr.
  • Dr. Jonson Miller
  • Dr. Randall M. Miller
  • Mr. Stephen W. Miller
  • Mr. Steven K. Miller
  • Mr. Glenn W. Milligan
  • Dr. Elizabeth L. Milroy
  • Victor Minakhin
  • Mr. Jeffrey Mingle
  • David Mink
  • Dr. Miron M. Mislin
  • Mr. William Mitchell
  • Mr. Matthew Moloshok
  • Mr. Douglas Mondel
  • Judy A. Moneta
  • Mr. John L. Montgomery II
  • Dr. Jo-Anna J. Moore
  • Ms. Martha Moore
  • Ms. Nancy Moran
  • Mr. Edward Moreau
  • Ms. Janice Morgan
  • Mr. Stephen Morgan and Ms. Kate Nelson
  • Ms. Juliet Moritz
  • Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Morris VII
  • Ms. Loretta M. Morris
  • Dr. Vernon R. Morris
  • Mr. Thomas E. Morrissey
  • Ms. Leslie C. Morris-Smith
  • Ms. Jennifer Morse
  • Dr. Robin H. Mortimer
  • Ms. Jennifer Morton
  • Dr. Roger Moss and Dr. Gail Winkler
  • Ms. Amanda M. Mott
  • Mr. and Mrs. George D. Mott
  • Mr. Donald Motter
  • Mr. Edward D. Moulder
  • Mrs. Joan A. Moxley
  • Dr. Cordelia Moyse
  • Carla J. Mulford
  • Ms. Lisa Mullings
  • Mr. Christopher M. Mullins
  • Dr. Michael J. Mumma
  • Ms. Jane Stewart Munson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Murphy
  • Ms. Sandra L. Murray
  • Professor and Mrs. John M. Murrin
  • Mr. Thomas L. Musselman
  • Dr. D.C. Myers
  • Mr. Franklin Myers
  • Mr. Scott Nadler
  • Distinguished Research Professor, UCLA
  • Mrs. Lewis L. Neilson, Sr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Lewis L. Neilson Sr.
  • Mrs. Lila Nelson
  • Mr. Peter Neperud
  • Mr. and Mrs. John J. Nesbitt III
  • Ms. Kathleen M. Nevin
  • Edith A. Newhall and David Walters
  • Mr. John H. Newhall
  • Mr. Paul D. Newman
  • Mr. Alexander Nichik
  • Ms. Linda B. Nicholson
  • A. Hirotoshi Nishikawa, Ph.D.
  • Ms. Margaret Nolan
  • Mr. and Mrs. Eric W. Noll
  • Mr. and Mrs. John P. Norris
  • Ms. Lettie Nosek
  • Ms. Eleanor C. Nunan
  • Mr. John E. Oberholtzer
  • Mr. John O'Brien Jr.
  • John F. O'Brien
  • Mr. Patrick OHara
  • Mr. Brendan O'Hara
  • Ms. Mariah L. O'Neill
  • Mr. Garry O'Rourke
  • Mr. Ryan Orth
  • Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Oschman
  • Mr. David A. Othmer and Ms. Maureen Barden
  • Ms. Amanda Owen
  • Ms. Lisa Owens
  • Dr. Robert M. Owens
  • Sandra J. Owens
  • David Owings
  • Mr. Doug Ozelius
  • Mr. William L. Page
  • Ms. Judy Paine
  • Mr. William Pannapacker
  • Ms. Barbara Paquette
  • Mrs. Karen L. Parker
  • Ms. Janet Parks
  • Mr. George Parr
  • Kevin and Megan Passerini
  • Mr. Michael Passio
  • Lanny R. Patten
  • Mr. David D. Patterson
  • Ms. Marcia I. Paullin
  • Marybeth Pearlberg
  • Mr. David Pearson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert McCracken Peck
  • Dr. and Mrs. George J. Peckham
  • Mr. Joseph Pecora
  • Jordan Peiper
  • Dr. Steven J. Peitzman
  • Mr. Gerald E. Peltz
  • Ms. Deb Penrod
  • Mr. Richard J. Perry
  • Ms. Judith A. Peters
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Petrilla
  • Mr. and Mrs. Alfred J. Pfaff
  • Dr. and Mrs. Douglas G. Pfeiffer
  • Dr. and Mrs. Steven J. Phillips
  • Ms. Barbara Phipps
  • Mrs. Vivian W. Piasecki
  • Mr. Samuel Pickard
  • Dr. William Pickens III
  • Dennis Pickeral and Debbie Miller
  • Mr. Larry Pitt
  • Ms. Susan McLellan Plaisted
  • Mr. Charles Plambeck
  • Ms. Abigail Poses
  • Ms. Alfreda Potrafke
  • Dr. James A. Poupard
  • Mr. Lawrence Powell
  • Mr. and Mrs. Philip Price Jr.
  • Mr. Joseph A. Prim Jr.
  • Stephen Pringle, Pringle Electric
  • Ms. Gloria Quigg
  • Mr. Peter K. Quigg
  • Ms. Cheryl R. Quinty
  • Nathan Raab and Karen Pearlman Raab
  • Timothy Raezer
  • Mr. Michael S. Ramage
  • Ms. Karen Ramsdell
  • Cynthia Rawling
  • Ms. Vera Reber
  • Ms. Mary G. Reed
  • Mr. Henry F. Reichner and Mrs. Melissa Acker Reichner
  • Ms. Audry Reid
  • Ms. Mary S. Reilly
  • Mr. James J. Reis
  • Mr. James Remsen
  • Ms. Nancy Remy
  • Mr. Victor Rezula
  • Mr. William C. Rhodes
  • Dr. Daniel K. Richter
  • Ms. Sarah Ricks and Mr. Tom Dolgenos
  • Dr. Judith Ridner
  • Ms. Donna L. Riegel
  • Emily C. Riley
  • Mr. Tom Riley
  • Dr. Donna J. Rilling
  • Ms. Anne L. Ritchie
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Rittenhouse
  • Mr. William Rivers Jr.
  • Mr. Carl G. Robbins
  • Mr. Matthew Robbins
  • Ms. Cokie Roberts
  • Ms. Corrinne Roberts
  • Donald H. Roberts, Jr.
  • Mr. Gary L. Roberts
  • Dr.and Mrs John Roberts
  • Ms. Susan Roberts
  • Mr. William Robinson
  • Mr. Joseph Roby
  • Mr. Franklyn Rodgers
  • The Honorable James R. Roebuck Jr.
  • Mr. David Rollenhagen
  • Mr. Robert Rooney
  • Mr. Jay Rose
  • Reagan Rose
  • Ms. Diana Rosenberg
  • Mr. Joshua Rosenbloom
  • Mr. James A. Rosengarten
  • Harold and Sue Rosenthal
  • Dr. Harry Rosenthal
  • Mrs. and Mr. Louise R. Rosett
  • Mr. Brian Ross
  • Mr. Vincent N. Rossi
  • Mr. Frederick Rosso
  • Ms. Marjorie A. Roth
  • Mr. John Rowan
  • Mr. David B. Rowland
  • Ms. Marion W. Roydhouse
  • Mrs. Kate Royer Schubert
  • Ashley T. Rubin
  • Mr. Thomas Runtagh
  • Ms. Marjorie A. Ruppel
  • Ms. Margaret T. Salinger
  • Ms. Diane Salman
  • Ms. Joan Sampieri
  • Carolyn W. Sampson
  • Ms. Karen M. Samuels
  • Ms. Kim Sanchez
  • Mr. Richard Sand
  • Mr. Stuart Sarson
  • Jonathan D. Sassi, Ph.D.
  • David Saylor
  • Ms. Lorna Saylor
  • Mr. Thomas Scannapieco
  • Ms. Mary Ellen Scarborough
  • Ms. Tammy Schane
  • Mr. Timothy R. Schantz
  • Ms. Margo Schappell
  • Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Schiesser
  • Mrs. Maureen T. Schlegel
  • Mrs. Anne E. Schmidt-Lange
  • Ms. Nancy B. Schmitz
  • Mr. William M. Schneider
  • Ms. Karen Schramek
  • Ms. Nancy Schrant
  • Ms. Lorrene Schreiber
  • Ms. Emily Schricker
  • Ms. Sharon Schultz
  • Mr. John Schwartz
  • Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Scott, Jr.
  • Mrs. Evelyn P. Scott
  • Mr. Harold B. Scott
  • Ms. Clemence Scouten
  • Ms. Emily R. Sebourn
  • Mr. Mark Segal
  • Mr. Frank L. Seidman
  • Mr. Richard Seifert
  • Ms. Liza Seltzer
  • Mrs. Louise H. Shafer
  • Mr. and Mrs. James Shannahan
  • Ms. Donna L. Sharer
  • Ms. Elizabeth Sharrier
  • Doe Run Valley Books
  • Ms. Holly Shaw-Hollis
  • Mr. Kevin P. Shay
  • Ms. Margaret Sheets
  • Miss Elisabeth Shellenberger
  • Ms. Adele E. Shepard
  • James Shepard, M.D.
  • Mr. Robert B. Sher
  • Mr. Richard Aurand Sherer
  • Mr. Joseph Sherk
  • Mr. Charles E. Shields III
  • Michael S. Showalter
  • Mr. Jeffrey A. Shultz
  • Ms. Eleanor Siciliano
  • Mr. Anthony Simonetta
  • Ms. Sharon Sinclair
  • John W. Sink
  • Mr. Eric Skinner
  • Dr. Serena S. Skwersky
  • Mr. Richard C. Slama Jr.
  • Ms. Lucy A. Sloan
  • Mr. Cecil O. Smith, Jr.
  • Ms. Elizabeth Breig Smith
  • Ms. Frances M. Smith
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gerald H. Smith
  • Dr. Jordan Smith
  • Rev. Kenneth H. Smith
  • Ms. Patricia K. Smith
  • Mr. Victor Smith
  • Mr. Brett Snyder
  • Ms. Kathleen Snyder
  • Ms. Theresa Snyder
  • Dr. Carol E. Soltis
  • Ms. Diane H. Sonnecken
  • Mr. Francis R. Southcott
  • Ms. Linda S. Spangler
  • Ms. Susan Spencer
  • Mr. Paul Scott Sperry
  • Ms. Mary V. Spiers
  • Ms. Paula L. Spilner
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gerard J. St. John
  • Ms. Evelyn Stainthorpe
  • Ms. Carol B. Stamm
  • Ms. Linda Stanley
  • Dr. Kathryn Steen
  • Mr. Richard Stehlik
  • Ms. Lisa Stelmar
  • Mr. Timothy Stephens
  • Mrs. Lois Stephenson
  • Mr. James A. Stewart
  • Mr. Jay Robert Stiefel
  • Christine Bourgeois Stigale
  • Mr. Charles Stone
  • Mr. Garry W. Stone
  • Mr. Frank Straup
  • Patricia Tyson Stroud
  • Ms. Mary Stuart
  • Ms. Audrey Stucko
  • Ms. Kathy G. Sullivan
  • Ms. Michele Sullivan
  • Mr. Henderson Supplee III
  • Mr. Nick Swanstrom
  • Ms. Anne Swingle
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Sykes
  • Mrs. and Mr. Patricia Sykes
  • Mr. Jerrol L. Syme
  • Ms. Lynn Tanguay
  • Ms. Jennifer Tarry
  • Alice Lea Tasman
  • Mr. Paul Taylor
  • Mrs. Virginia C. Taylor
  • Ms. Jean B. Terepka
  • Ms. Claudia M. Tesoro
  • Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Thayer
  • Mr. Keshler Thibert
  • Ms. Marie-Thérèse L. Thomas
  • Mr. Robert P. Thomas
  • Mr. Marc D. Thompson
  • Mr. John W. Thornton Jr.
  • Dr. Larry E. Tise
  • Mr. Horace Tollett
  • Ms. Anna Coxe Toogood
  • Mrs. Cecelia L. Torok
  • Mr. Frank H. Towers
  • Ms. Elizabeth Townsend
  • Ms. Ann Tracey
  • Ms. Fasaha M. Traylor
  • Mr. Adrian D. Trevisan
  • Mr. Paul C. Trimbur
  • Ms. Linda Troost
  • Ms. Susan Camp Tryforos
  • Mr. Donald Tshudy
  • Dr. Orhan C. Tuncay
  • Ms. Mariana Tupper
  • Charles Ulmann
  • Ms. Rachel Unkefer
  • Mr. and Ms. Billy L. Utley
  • Ms. Nancy Utley
  • Ms. Barbara Uzelmeier
  • Mr. Richard Vague
  • Mr. Carmen D. Valentino
  • Ms. Medora Van Denburgh
  • Mr. Kurt van Mol
  • Ms. Anne Louise C. Van Nostrand
  • Ms. Elizabeth Vandiver
  • Ms. Cheryl VanLeer
  • Mr. Kevin A. Wagner
  • Sharlene Walbaum, Ph.D.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jospeh P. Walder
  • Mr. William Walker
  • Ms. Delores M. Walters,Ph.D.
  • Mr. Kevin Ward
  • Mr. and Mrs. Sedgwick A. Ward
  • Mr. Philip W. Warner
  • Mr. Joseph Warren
  • Mr. Geoffrey L. Warthman
  • Dr. Anthony Waskie
  • Ms. Helen S. Weary
  • Ms. Linda Weatherford
  • Mr. John Weaver
  • Ms. Marie Weaver
  • Mr. and Mrs. John W. Webster
  • Mr. Evan Weiner
  • Mr. Ken Weiss
  • Ms. Julie Welker
  • Ms. Joan B. Wells
  • Mr. Gerald W. West Jr.
  • Mr. Colin Wetherill
  • Ms. Anne Whiston Spirn
  • Ms. Kathleen Whiting
  • Bob and Elizabeth Widdifield
  • Mr. Robert Wiebe
  • Mr. Thomas Wieckowski
  • Ms. Terry Anne Wildman
  • Mr. Scott M. Wilds
  • Mr. David Williams
  • Ms. Kalela Williams
  • Ms. Karen S. Williams
  • Frank L. Williamson
  • Ms. Kara Willig
  • Mr. Scott Willson
  • Kenneth R Wilson
  • Linda Wingstrom
  • Ms. Karen B. Winner
  • Ms. Michele Winter
  • Curtis M. Wise
  • Jean K. Wolf
  • Mr. Alan Wood IV
  • Ms. Mary Wood
  • Dr. Peter H. Wood
  • Mr. Theodore V. Wood Jr.
  • Mr. Thomas C. Woodward
  • Ms. Heather Wooten
  • H. R. Worthington
  • Ms. Margaret J. Wren
  • Mr. Rob Wrenn
  • Dr. and Mrs. Harrison M. Wright
  • Ms. Lida A. Wright
  • Minturn T. Wright III, Esq.
  • Ms. MK Wrigley
  • Mr. Aaron V. Wunsch
  • Mr. Chris Wynkoop
  • Ms. Mary Ellen Wynn
  • Carol Yaster and Bill Levant
  • Mr. Brian Yates
  • Mr. Robert Yonkers
  • Bethany and Justin Yost
  • Dr. David W. Young
  • Ms. Sarah Young
  • Ms. Georgia Zambas
  • Mr. Roy Ziegler
  • Mr. Peter Zimmerman
  • Mr. Warren Zitlau
  • Mr. Jeffrey D. Zudeck
  • Ms. Kristie Zweig


Board Officers

Bruce K. Fenton, Esq., Board Chair
Pepper Hamilton, LLP, Partner in Commercial Department
Timothy R. Schantz, Executive Vice Chair
The History Factory, Chief Administrative Officer, Clear Harbor Asset Management, Vice Chairman
Georgiana Noll, Secretary
Community Leader
Majid Alsayegh, Treasurer, Vice Chair for Planning and Finance
Alta Management, LLC, Principal
Lori E. Cohen, Vice Chair for Institutional Advancement
Arader Galleries, Director and Partner
Alice L. George, Vice Chair for Collections and Programs
Independent Historian and Author
Steven R. Klammer, Esq., Vice Chair for Audit
The Bryn Mawr Trust Company, Senior Vice President
Walter M. Licht, At-Large Member of the Executive Committee
University of Pennsylvania, Professor
David A. Othmer, At-Large Member of the Executive Committee
Independent Strategic Planning Consultant (Former station manager, WHYY)

Board Councilors

Paul A. E. Cummings
Abbot Downing, Regional Managing Director, Northeast Region
Dale Heist, Esq.
Baker & Hostetler LLP, Partner
Sandra M. Hewlett
Certified Genealogist
Krishna Lahiri
Author and Teacher
J. Rudy Lewis
Neighborly Living, LLC, Owner
Collin F. McNeil
Author and philanthropist
Elizabeth Milroy
Professor and Department Head, Art & Art History, Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts & Design, Drexel University
Kevin Passerini, Esq.
Blank Rome LLP, Partner, Corporate Litigation
Sarah D. Price
Retired Educator & Board Member & Supporter of Philadelphia Non-Profit Organizations
Nathan K. Raab
The Raab Collection, LLC, President
Henry F. Reichner, Esq.
Reed Smith LLP, Partner
Tom Riley
Connelly Foundation, President
Robert J. Rittenhouse
Aegis Property Group, Partner
Representative James R. Roebuck, Jr.
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Jay Rose
Woodcock Washburn LLP, Executive Director (retired)
Jeffrey D. Zudeck, Esq.
Marcum LLP, Regional Managing Partner



Lynette Zimmerman
Interim Director of Development
Will Becker
Development Events Coordinator
Mallory Burgan
Associate Director of Development
Amanda Dean
Executive Offices Manager
Monica Fonorow
Associate Director of Communications
Patrick Glennon
Communications Officer
Paul Goodman
Gift Processor
Jon-Chris Hatalski
Director of Institutional Giving
Michael Ticzon
Development Operations Manager


Dennis Williams
Chief Financial Officer
Joaquin Moreland-Sender
Staff Accountant

Information Technology

John Houser
Chief Information Officer
Caroline Hayden
Digital Services Manager
Kaitlyn Pettengill
Digital Services Archivist
Vicki Russo
Digitization and Metadata Specialist
Casey Wolf
Project Scanning Technician

Library & Collections

Lee Arnold
Senior Director of the Library & Collections and Chief Operating Officer
Kate Devlin
Project Conservation Technician
Anthony DiGiovanni
Copy Cataloguer
Shannon Hadley
David Haugaard
Director of Research Services
Sarah Heim
Assistant Director of Research Services
Cary Hutto
Director of Archives
Sarah Leu
Edwin Forrest Curator of Performing Arts Collections
Weckea Dejura Lilly
Erin Malkowski
Project Conservation Technician
Ronald Medford
Senior Research Services Associate
Joaquin Moreland-Sender
Tara O'Brien
Director of Preservation and Conservation Services
Daniel Rolph
Historian & Head of Reference Services
Steve Smith
Public Services Librarian/Stacks Manager


Lee Arnold
Senior Director of the Library & Collections and Chief Operating Officer
Naeem Saleem
Maintenance Technician
Marc Glassman
Maintenance Manager

Programs & Services

Beth Twiss Houting
Senior Director of Programs and Services
Christopher Damiani
Director of Public Programs
Kate Devlin
Visitor Services Coordinator
Christina Larocco
Editor of PMHB and Scholarly Programs Manager
Margaret Maxey
Visitor Services Coordinator
Kimberly McCleary
Education Manager
Rachel Moloshok
Managing Editor of Publications & Associate Manager of Scholarly Programs


Kate Tyler-Wall
Journal of the Early Republic, Managing Editor